The Best Odor Eaters?

Answer Foot odor is a difficult and uncomfortable issue causing embarrassment and humiliation in social and professional situations. Many people turn to commercial products like Odor Eaters to battle foo... Read More »

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Question for meat eaters?

I'm sure I'd be okay... I've watched lions eat animals on the discovery channel and I've seen a chicken get its head cut off. Its all a part of the circle of life. Lion King line..hehe.

Are termites meat eaters?

Materials that contain cellulose are a termite's best friend. These materials are wood, cardboard, paper and books. There are certain plant products such as cotton that provide nutrition to termite... Read More »

What do the meat-eaters think when they read this?

I'm a vegetarian. I think that some things that harm our environment are out of our hands, but we still can do something for our planet. Humans have harmed the Earth more in the past 100 years than... Read More »

Dealing with meat-eaters..?

It's better to be criticized than to be ignored. Once they acknowledge it and give any attention to it with their minds, those ideas are swirling around inside their head whether they like it or ... Read More »