What are grass eaters called?

Answer Herbivores, unless they eat meat as well, then they are Omnivores.

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What is the best way to handle meat eaters?

Stick to your guns & maintain your beliefs. You're not going to let a bunch of low-life morons deter you are you? Sticks and stones and all that, right? Rise above it; you are better than that (and... Read More »

What is it with the meat eaters attacking?

I wish I knew... My personal theory is that they somehow feel threatened by the veggie'/vegan conversations and that we somehow see ourselves superior to them - hence they feel the need to protect ... Read More »

What are meat&plant eaters called?

Plant eaters are called herbivores and meat eaters are called carnivores. Meat and plant eaters are called omnivores, and include bears, skunks, raccoons, blue jays, crows, woodpeckers, pigs, chick... Read More »

Why cant meat eaters leave us to eat what we want?

Most veg people don't tell people that they are murderers, you f*cking morons.Sorry, hell of stupid answers up there.They suffer from MAJOR ignorance and think that all vegetarians preach and whine... Read More »