What do animals and plants compete for?

Answer Food, primarily.

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What do plants compete for?

Answer Plants compete for growing space, nutrients and water. If they are very crowded, they can even compete for sunlight.

What Animals Eat Plants & Animals?

An animal that eats both plants and other animals is classified as an omnivore. There are two types of omnivores; those that hunt live prey: such as herbivores and other omnivores, and those that ... Read More »

What are the animals& plants in Cuba?

Animals and plants of Cuba are very colorful, with the bright greens and reds of parakeets to the bright green bark of the Bombax emarginatum tree. There are some species of animals endemic to Cuba... Read More »

What Animals Eat Iris Plants?

Iris plants are a group of 260 species of particularly colorful and beautiful flower. Widely grown in gardens, they make an excellent addition due to their attractive nature and annual bloom from t... Read More »