What do angelina's tattoos mean?

Answer Angelina Jolie is known for her roles in hits like "Tomb Raider" and "Mr and Mrs. Smith," but she's also known for her many tattoos; Jolie had 13 known tattoos as of 2008, according to the "Sydney ... Read More »

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What do Lil Wayne's tattoos mean?

Lil Wayne has "The World" in the palm of his hand, figuratively and literally. His 2008 album "The Carter III" sold 2.8 million copies and won a 2008 Grammy Award. He also has "The World" tattooed ... Read More »

What tattoos do you have, where and what do they mean?

Does having tattoos on girls mean?

No a tattoo doesn't mean that, these days it's more of self expression.. usually they have a meaning to the person. It's not to be rebellious.

Why do fools who don't like tattoos answer questions in the "Tattoos" section?

Really.My favorite is when people pull the, "They'll look awful when you're older...have you thought about THAT??" line. It's like, "Yes, yes I have. And I have decided I would much rather live my ... Read More »