What do all reptiles have in common?

Answer With more than 8,000 species, reptiles make up a diverse group of animals that includes crocodiles, alligators, turtles, snakes, lizards and many other creatures. While there are many different typ... Read More »

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What do reptiles&fish have in common?

Reptiles and fish are alike in many ways. Both groups have species with scales and bony plates, for one, though they also share in having ancient origins, ectothermic systems, diversity in species ... Read More »

What Do Amphibians & Reptiles Have in Common?

Scientists classify all living things on earth into five kingdoms: plantae (mosses, ferns, seed plants), animalia (animals with and without backbones), monera (bacteria), protista (protozoa, algae,... Read More »

What Characteristics Do Reptiles Have?

Reptiles are fascinating creatures that have a number of characteristics that separate them from the other animal classes. Keep in mind that no single characteristic makes an organism a reptile. It... Read More »

What Reptiles Have Both Male & Female Organs?

Reproduction is a drive experienced by all living creatures, including all species of reptiles. In some circumstances, the most fundamental need for accomplishing this feat is absent; the presence ... Read More »