What do all plants share in common?

Answer photosynthesisplants dont move

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What did the greasers and the socs share in common?

both have social status and they both haves issues that they have to face in the book the outsiders

What Kind of Plants Share the Same Habitats in the Ocean?

The ocean is the earth's largest habitat, covering more than two-thirds of the surface of the planet. But within the ocean there are several habitat types, where the plant and animal life differ gr... Read More »

How do I calculate common dividends per share?

Dividends Per ShareDetermine the company's dividends paid from the company's income statement and the common stock outstanding at the time of the dividends from the balance sheet or notes to the fi... Read More »

What do all plants have in common?

All members of the Kingdom Plantae have the following in common:All plants have chloroplasts which contain chlorophyll a and b - this enables them to convert sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into... Read More »