What do african people eat?

Answer On One Hand: South Africans' Diet Consists of SeafoodLocated along the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, South Africa's staple foods include seafood and dried fruit. According to, a comm... Read More »

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Cultures of the African People?

Africa is the second largest continent on the globe and home to hundreds of different tribes, cultures and languages. Many African tribes live in rural areas where they preserve their traditions an... Read More »

Are Soninke African people?

The Soninke people are African, and live in the African nation of Senegal near the town of Bakel on the Sénégal River, as well as in neighboring countries in West Africa, according to "The Encycl... Read More »

Why do African people use drums?

Drums are used throughout Africa during celebrations and ceremonies. Drums can be played with the hands or with sticks to produce a variety of sounds. The combination of sounds make various rhythms... Read More »

What happens when African Dogon people die?

The Dogon tribe lives in Mali, western Africa. The majority follow an animist religion that Merriam-Webster defines as a "belief in the existence of spirits separable from bodies." Rituals surround... Read More »