What do adults say about carrying knifes?

Answer Don't run with knives. Cut away from your body. Be extreamly careful.

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Facts About Carrying Backpacks in School?

More than 94 percent of all students carry backpacks to transport books, notes and other school supplies. However, an increase in student back pain and other injuries has shown that very heavy back... Read More »

What can adults learn from children about love?

What a thought provoking question. I learned from my children that love does not keep track of wrongs. When I have been wrong towards them, they don't hold a track record. They still love me reg... Read More »

What do you think about older adults being on Facebook?

When this first started out, your 15 year niece wouldn't have even been able to join. This isn't about kids... it started out for college students. I love facebook and I'm a 45 year old. I love ... Read More »

What is it about apple juice that affects kids so much differently then adults?

It is because they are still developing, and not yet used to the fruit juice. Wait until they are about 4 to start regulating juice into their diet, give them some in moderation now, unless they ar... Read More »