What do abnormal stools with a small diameter indicate?

Answer Stools with a small diameter are often referred to as narrow stools. While narrow stools can be the sign of a serious medical problem, they are often the result of relatively minor digestive issues... Read More »

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What may one to three 2-7 cm circles of small blisters on legs and no other symptoms except a cold for a 2 yr old indicate?

How to Fabricate Small Diameter Holes?

If you need to create very small diameter holes, around .005 inch (.13mm) diameter, conventional twist drilling is tricky. Here's how to get good results. You will use a piece of wire as a mold or ... Read More »

What size lens diameter does the nikon d40 come with 58mm?

How to Figure the Diameter of Circle With a Calculator?

A circle's diameter is the distance from one side of the circle to another, using a straight line that crosses the center of the circle. You may have to calculate the diameter of a circle if you ta... Read More »