What do Youtube videos freeze every 15 seconds?

Answer How many other programs were you running along?Was your computer going through an Anti-Virus scan?How many pages were up with the YouTube site?Was you Laptop (if using one) low on battery?These are... Read More »

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Why can't I watch youtube videos without it pausing every few seconds Is it my stupid dial-up service?

No, it's not the dial-up service...I have (supposedly) a high speed connection (not the top one, but high speed broadband nonetheless). Youtube videos pause on me too, and sometimes the people's m... Read More »

On youtube my computer will only play a few seconds , then freeze until more has loaded, is computer too slow?

it's not your pc that's slo - it's your internet connection

Videos freeze/skip/spaz on youtube?

If you are experiencing either: A) slugglish loadingor buffering, B) that "spinning circle" looking like itcould seemingly go on forever, C) "choppy" videos that start/stop/start/stop frequently, o... Read More »

Why does my internet freeze when i watch videos on youtube?

ur pc could be overheating or u could have a driver problem .. maybe update ur lan and video drivers .