What do You prefer good french wine or french meal ..?

Answer I can't have both?Since I'm hungry right now I'll say the meal.:P

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How do you say wine in french?

wine spirits: spiritueux de vin/ red wine: vin rouge/ white wine: vin blanc/ champagne: spelt same but pronounced cha-paan-nion

What is the French wine valley?

The French Wine Valley references two different valleys in France where grapes are grown: the Loire Valley and the Rhone Valley. The Loire and Rhone are two of seven primary grape growing regions... Read More »

Survey: Do you most prefer waffles, pancakes or french toast?

I like hot pancakes with maple syrup the best

Do u prefer italian , french , chinese or mexican food?

Chinese, then Mexican, Italian and at a push French if I can't find any of the others, in that order