What do You like better: Potatoes or Tomatoes please answer!?

Answer you like potatoes - i actually do but that's what you told me to say

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Do you think Potatoes are better than Tomatoes xx?

Generally I like tomatoes better and I use them more. But if we're talking about one of those gross mealy tomatoes, potatoes are way better. Tomatoes have the potential to be really bad, and I don'... Read More »

Can I plant tomatoes and potatoes together?

On One Hand: It's Possible and Can Save SpaceYou can combine both plants while planting them, which will make the roots more durable and optimize gardening space. The trick is to hollow a seeding h... Read More »

Is it okay to grow tomatoes in a bed where potatoes just grew?

Crop rotation is important in the prevention of diseases in tomato crops. According to West Virginia University, you should wait 2 years before planting tomatoes in a bed or an area of your garden ... Read More »

Why haven't potatoes or tomatoes made their way into Asian foods?

Hey I get what you're asking here. You are correct, and I have to agreed with you. It's truth that most of the Asian dishes does not have tomato and potato in their food as much as the Westerner or... Read More »