What do Tacos and hurricanes have in common?

Answer Both can be Fast & Furious. Both can cause people to run - hurricanes cause evacuations and gas after eating a taco can make even the dog leave the room.Floods - obvious result with hurricane, aft... Read More »

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Do you like Tacos If so, what kind of Tacos?

How many hurricanes or typhoons have been named Keith?

There has been a typhoon and a hurricane officially named Keith. Typhoon Keith occurred from October 29th to November 8th of 1997 in the northwest Pacific Ocean. Hurricane Keith occurred from Oct... Read More »

Is it safe to eat tacos that have been out in the sun (25 degrees C/77 degree F) for hours?

You would have known by now (or in about 15 minutes after eating) if you got food poisoning. You look like a coke bottle with holes in both ends that someone dropped a menthos in.

RHH/have you tried the Cool Ranch tacos at Taco Bell(RHH poll)?

This poll makes me feel like I eat way more Taco Bell than a normal person.... I literally went to Taco Bell on the Cool Ranch Dorito Taco release day to have one. I've probably eaten 5 or more s... Read More »