What do Russians wear?

Answer Though Russia is often thought of as a frigid alternate reality where men sport massive beards and women gallivant in flowing peasant robes, the northern hot spot attracts many international brands... Read More »

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What do Russians do for entertainment?

On One Hand: Eating and DancingAs in many cultures, Russian entertainment centers around meals. The Russian people enjoy eating large meals and having in-house dance parties, according to Russelati... Read More »

What kind of food do russians eat?

On One Hand: Traditional DishesRussia is not exactly known for its cuisine, but nevertheless, Russians have a wide variety of traditional dishes to choose from. Soups are a staple of Russian food. ... Read More »

What do Russians call their astronauts?

Though we call them astronauts in the United States, in Russia, space sailors are called cosmonauts (from the Greek "kosmos," meaning "universe"). They are employed by the Russian Federal Space Age... Read More »

What do Russians call space explorers?

Russian space explorers are called cosmonauts. On April 12, 1961, Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human being in space, as his ship, The Vostok-1, successfully completed a 108-minut... Read More »