What is the distance from Sydney to Quakers Hill?

Answer Driving northwest on the M2 Motorway, the distance from Sydney, Australia, to Quakers Hill, Australia, is approximately 27 miles (43 kilometers). Travel time by automobile is approximately 37 minut... Read More »

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What is the distance between Sydney& Quakers Hill?

Via road, the distance between Sydney and Quakers Hill, Australia, is roughly 27 miles, or 43 kilometers. The trip, which travels west through such cities as Chatswood, and Baulkham Hills, takes ap... Read More »

Where were the Quakers and lovely brothers from?

Traditionally, quinceañeras are traditional for girls in Mexico and Mexican culture. However, there are different ways to let young gentlemen participate also -- just that they shouldn't be the fo... Read More »

Wikipedia, to believe or not to believe that is the question?

well anyone can go into wikipedia and add stuff about anything. so I don't think its a credible source for research any more. Most of my professors won't even accept it as source so I'd be careful ... Read More »

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