What flowers represent pain and suffering?

Answer Since it was first discovered in South America by Europeans, passionflowers early on became a symbol of the crucifixion of Christ. The parts of these very complex and exotic flowers are likened to ... Read More »

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What do the flowers in Diego rivera's artwork represent?

The flowers represent the blossoming of woman from childhood to adulthood.

Flowers That Represent Independence?

Flowers don't necessarily have to have a romantic or get-well message. Some flowers represent a quality that has to do with a situation or that describes the receiver. Flowers exist even for concep... Read More »

What shrub has orange and red trumpet shaped flowers?

What tree grows orange bell flowers in Canada?

According to, the Mock Orange shrub has orange, fragrant flowers that are bell shaped and appear in the Spring. This shrub grows to about ten feet, is common in the United States and ca... Read More »