What do Northern Walking Sticks eat?

Answer Throughout the life of the Northern Walking Stick, its diet changes only slightly and consists entirely of leaves. If its primary food source is not available, it will turn to secondary food source... Read More »

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What Are Walking Sticks for the Disabled?

Walking sticks support individuals who do not have the strength or stability to support themselves. They can take many forms and are used in a variety of ways, depending on the person's preference.... Read More »

The Benefits of Using Walking Sticks?

Walking sticks are long staffs that are made from wood and aluminum. They are available in various styles, sizes and designs, and some are custom-made to fit the exact height of an individual. Walk... Read More »

Are walking sticks illegal in california?

No, they are not illegal. In fact, Walking Stick insects are native species to California and can be found up and down the entire coastline, although in some counties they are considered a pest.Ref... Read More »

Are walking sticks poisonous to dogs?

It is best to keep walking stick insects and dogs apart. Some varieties of walking stick insects can be hazardous to dogs. The American stick insect (Anisomorpha buprestroides) sprays a defensive c... Read More »