What do Muslim women wear to cover their faces?

Answer Some Muslim women cover their faces because they are commanded to do so according to their belief system. These Islamic women wear what is known as a niqab in order to fulfill this command that the... Read More »

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What do Muslim women wear on their faces?

According to some interpretations of al-Islamic law and customs, Muslimahs (Muslim women) are required to cover their faces with a niqab (fixed veil) when they pray or go into public. Though many ... Read More »

Are Muslim women allowed to cover their face for a license picture in the United States?

Muslim women may wear a face veil when getting their driver's license photo taken in the United States, according to the website Law Vibe. In some states, however, such licenses include a notation ... Read More »

What percentage of muslim women wear the hijab?

According to a 2007 Pew Forum survey, 38 percent of American Muslim women wear the hijab at all times when out in public. Another 13 percent wear it most or some of the time.Source:Pew Forum: Musli... Read More »

If women lactated out their fingers, would all women have to wear gloves?

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