What do Mexican People eat?

Answer We eat great stuff. I live in north México, Nuevo León, to be precise. Here we love "machacado", which is scrambled eggs with chile and beef jerky (mixed, not separate), and marinated "arracher... Read More »

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Do Asian people like Mexican food?

You know I've seen the same thing around here!I don't think this is racist at all.My local Chinese buffet's customers are at least half hispanic and that is higher percentage than the local populat... Read More »

How many people died in the mexican american war?

The death count for the Mexican-American War was nearly 40,000 troops. The United States lost 13,780 soldiers while the Mexican side lost an estimated 25,000 soldiers. In Mexico, the nation marks t... Read More »

Why to the Mexicans need people to join the Mexican army?

Can two white people produce a mexican looking baby?

I don't know why you're asking, if you belive the DNA test was genuine. You have the evidence right in front of you that two lighter skinned people can indeed produce a dark skinned, dark eyed chil... Read More »