Boys: what do you love and hate most about girls?

Answer I am a homosexual teenage male, and thus I am not sexually turned on by females, so my answer is solely based on the personality traits of females, and not the traits of females when it comes to re... Read More »

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What do 13 year old boys like in girls?

I do! I'm 13! I like hot, nice, funny girls. Not girls that do stupid stuff.

What type make-up do boys like on girls ?

Honestly? Guys don't care. We're just not that picky, but we DO notice if someone is wearing way too much make up (look like a clown.)

What are the boys like girls phone numbers?

What does"boys like you are a dime a dozen"mean?

When you say something is "a dime a dozen," it means it's common or easy to come by. If you can buy a dozen of something for only a dime, the item is in plentiful supply and thus lacks value. If ... Read More »