What do Jewish women traditionally wear?

Answer Choosing clothing is a complicated affair for women who follow the Jewish law of Halacha. While Halacha does allow for certain styles of modern clothing, it does not permit anything that might be c... Read More »

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Do Jewish women have to wear veils?

Tznius, or tzniut, which translates to "modesty," is the basic rule governing Orthodox Jewish women's dress. According to Jewish law, women must cover most of the torso and limbs. Married women mus... Read More »

Will fat women admit: fat women attack women that are fit,show skin and wear short skirts and are attractive?

Why do you think men think women who wear bikinis sexy but women don't think so about men who wear speedos?

Because men were made visual and women are not. Women are relational, so nice guys are attractive to us (and their looks, too, but it's not based primarily off of that)

Scholarships for Jewish Women?

The cost of a college education or continuing education studies is expensive for many people. Organizations, foundations, and other charitable institutions often provide educational scholarships to... Read More »