What do Indian restaurants put in their potato curry to make it taste so good?

Answer If there's a way to "get some of it out" before it's stirred in, do so. Usually one doesn't find out about the overage until the stirring is done, though. Then it's time to dilute or cover the tast... Read More »

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How to Make Indian Potato Curry With Green Chilli Base?

Just a friendly warning - the green chilli base in this curry makes it really spicy. It's only for the daring and the habituated but goodness, it's tasty!

How to Make Potato Curry?

This article will teach the reader to make Indian style potato curry which could be an accompaniment for rice, rotis or tortillas.

How do Indian restaurants get the chicken so red in their dishes?

TANDOORI - named after the clay oven (the tandoor) it should be cooked in. Just look up any recipe pages for the mix or buy it in a jar, I can recommend Pataks brand and follow the recipe. Cook the... Read More »

How to Make Indian Egg Curry?

This yummy curry can be made in a jiffy. It is also very easy, and can be made to the taste you want.