What do ICD codes mean?

Answer ICD stands for "International Classification of Diseases." ICD was created by the World Health Organization to classify information on death certificates, but later was expanded to cover classifica... Read More »

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What do airport codes mean?

Airport codes are three letter abbreviations for specific commercial airports. For example, LaGuardia Airport in New York has the airport code LGA. The system was developed in the 1930s, copied fro... Read More »

What do the codes on my personal checks mean?

Personal checks provide an alternative to cash and credit cards that are easy to keep track of. There are three numerical codes on every personal check that each have a specific purpose. These are ... Read More »

What do the codes on personal checks mean?

Curiosity about the codes on checks may come to a new checking account owner or even to a seasoned check writer. The important numbers appear on every check, but their meaning often goes unnoticed ... Read More »

What Do Car Diagnostic Computer Codes Mean?

Car diagnostic computer codes are codes produced by the vehicle's PCM, or Powertrain Control Module. It's a rudimentary computer system which controls the vehicle's engine performance by receiving ... Read More »