What do I write when sending flowers to be forgiven?

Answer On One Hand: Keep it humorous and lightThe Greeting Card Guide advises that you should choose a level of humor or sincerity "depending on how much you feel you need to apologize and whether that fi... Read More »

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Why do you write on people's wall as opposed to sending them?

when i write on a wall then i know everyone is going to see what i wrote if i message someone its because i know only the person who reads that sent message will see it..

My aunt lives in melbourne.while sending her an email what should i write in the column named 'Cc' ?

Normally the "CC' field is left blank.Its purpose is if you want to send an e-mail to one person (your aunt) but you also want to send a copy to another person (your cousin). However you do not sp... Read More »

When sending a letter from England to Russia, can you write the address in Cyrillic letters?

Vasisualy is exactly right about the order of address which is going from top do down: 1) Россия, 2) Zip code (индекс), 3)Region (Область, Край), 4) County (район), 5) N... Read More »

How to Be Forgiven?

We all find it difficult to be forgiven, because it makes us feel powerless. We hate to eat humble pie and apologize, or even to think we need forgiving in the first place. Even after we have been ... Read More »