What do I write when sending flowers to be forgiven?

Answer On One Hand: Keep it humorous and lightThe Greeting Card Guide advises that you should choose a level of humor or sincerity "depending on how much you feel you need to apologize and whether that fi... Read More »

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When sending a letter from England to Russia, can you write the address in Cyrillic letters?

Vasisualy is exactly right about the order of address which is going from top do down: 1) Россия, 2) Zip code (индекс), 3)Region (Область, Край), 4) County (район), 5) N... Read More »

My aunt lives in melbourne.while sending her an email what should i write in the column named 'Cc' ?

Normally the "CC' field is left blank.Its purpose is if you want to send an e-mail to one person (your aunt) but you also want to send a copy to another person (your cousin). However you do not sp... Read More »

Why do you write on people's wall as opposed to sending them?

when i write on a wall then i know everyone is going to see what i wrote if i message someone its because i know only the person who reads that sent message will see it..

What does"cc"mean when sending a fax?

"CC" when faxing means "carbon copy," and the persons addressed in this line receive a copy of the fax for information, even if it isn't addressed to them directly. The term is from days when carbo... Read More »