What do I use to clean a white board?

Answer The most inexpensive way to clean a whiteboard is to rub isopropyl rubbing alcohol with a rag on the desired area. Commercial whiteboard cleaning solutions can be purchased but do not produce bette... Read More »

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How do i clean a white board that has permanent marker on it?

nail polish remover, does not make a mess and don't leave much smell...

How to Attach a Tile Board to Cinder Block for a White Board?

Tileboard can make a large and nice looking whiteboard for your home or office, while saving money. Choose the tileboard carefully, as not all will work as a dry erase board. Look for a smooth, glo... Read More »

How to Make Your Own White Board (Dry Erase Board)?

Large white boards come in handy, but they tend to be expensive. You can make one yourself for a lot less money; they can be made for around 31 dollars.

How to Clean Oxidized White Plastic Lawn Chairs So You Don't Get White on Your Clothes?

Oxidation occurs on objects, such as plastic lawn chairs, after a long exposure to oxygen. After oxygen and water come in contact with metal, the process results in rust. With white plastic chairs ... Read More »