What do I take for a dry cough?

Answer Coughs can be dry or productive. Productive coughs help clear mucus and congestion from your throat and lungs. Dry coughs occur when there is no mucus through the airway, throat or chest. If persi... Read More »

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How long does it take for the kennel cough vaccine to take effect?

The intranasal kennel-cough vaccine generally takes around four days to work, according to Mar Vista Animal Medical Center. The injectable kennel-cough vaccine usually starts working one to two wee... Read More »

What can you take for a sore throat and cough while pregnant?

For cough and sore throat: HONEY! Hot Lemon Tea, just add fresh lemon to hot water, stir in some honey and sip. (When you are not pregnant, you can add a jigger of whiskey and it will be even bette... Read More »

Can you take B-Vex D and Mucinex cough together?

Are Antibiotics for cough safe to take by pregnant women?

Talk to Your Doctor you need to talk to your doctor before taking anything.