What do I replace my AVG with when it is no longer free in January ?

Answer you can try Avast, it's free and just as good as AVG

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When is best to hit the january sales now or in january?

in January.. o/wise, they're called the 'DECEMBER' sales!!! And it's futile trying to go to them in February!!!

What do you do with your electronic equipment when it is determined no longer fixable?

contact your local recycling center by phone or on the web and ask them what to do

When Iphone 4 becomes free , will it come with unlimited data plan and when does the iphone 4 become free?

Depending on your service provider and the iPhone product isn't free, you still pay taxes and whatnot. Please talk to your service provider for further information for their plans about having free... Read More »

When your working at a child care center, what would you do when you have free time with the children?

Children are actually pretty self-entertaining! All you have to do is interact with them. Play a game, like a board game. They'll love it! Ask what they want to play with and join them in their... Read More »