What do I need to transfer VHS-C tapes over to DVD?

Answer Check out StashSpace.Com they specialize in video tape conversion and preservation and will transfer your tapes for you.Just send them your tapes, they take all formats including your VHS-C tapes. ... Read More »

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What do you need to transfer VHS tapes to your computer?

You would need a video capture card that has the correct inputs to connect to your vcr or vcr camera, so you could record them from the tape to the computer (something like this http://www.newegg.... Read More »

What equipment is needed to transfer vcr tapes to dvd?

As the electronics world has gone digital, older analogue forms of entertainment such as movies and music, and the devices that play them, go unused. But, before you simply throw out those stacks o... Read More »

How do I transfer my Vhs tapes to DVD?

i got an ati ALL IN WONDER tv card.. it is bascially a tv tuner on the video card for your computer.. this results in yoru computer being a vcr.. but instead of using tapes.. it uses your hard driv... Read More »

How to Transfer VCR Tapes to CDs?

Whether you've got an amazing movie, a movie of your kids or any other VCR tape that you want to preserve, transferring the content from your tapes to CDs can allow you to enjoy and save your captu... Read More »