What do I need to start a home aquarium?

Answer To start a home aquarium, basic supplies such as a fish tank, filter, light, gravel, rocks and plants are needed. The last step to start a home aquarium is to choose the appropriate fish for the en... Read More »

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How to Start Your Own Aquarium Shop?

Thinking of starting an aquarium store? With a little determination, creativity and money you'll be able to make a profit in no time. Here is how to set up your own home business.

How to Start an Aquarium Tank?

Keeping exotic fish in a home aquarium has been a popular hobby for more than a century. Pet stores and aquarium supply shops sell a wide variety of aquarium sizes and shapes. An almost limitless n... Read More »

How to Start a Saltwater Aquarium?

Saltwater aquariums provide the opportunity to keep exotic, colorful and tropical fish in a home or business. Owners say they are soothing, entertaining and a good way to relieve stress. Maintainin... Read More »

How to Start a New Fish Aquarium?

Watching fish is very relaxing, and setting up a home aquarium can be a wonderful hobby. Fish are fascinating to watch, and setting up your own tank will teach you a lot about fish and their behavi... Read More »