What do I need to set up a network with a server?

Answer In order to setup a network with a server, you will need a PC with higher processing power than a standard desktop and server operating system software.SoftwareIn order to setup a network with a se... Read More »

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What would a company of 40-50 employees need in order to have client/server network?

infrastructure I'm assuming your not all using dumb terminals already so you have a network setup which will have a server running. do you mean you want to access the server directly?

Provides a moible user with a secure connection to the company network server?

What is a network server fax?

A network server fax is a server used to send and receive faxes without manually doing it with a fax machine. It uses a company's network. It is integrated with the mail server, permitting employ... Read More »

What Is a Client Server Network?

A client server network is a computer network where a centralized computer (the server) serves as the hub to which personal computers (the clients) are connected. A client server network enables cl... Read More »