What do I need to qualify for low-income housing?

Answer For many people, low-income housing is one way that they can qualify for various public housing options, ranging from single-family homes to highrise apartments. Nearly 1.2 million people use this ... Read More »

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How to Qualify for Low Income Housing in New Jersey?

If you are struggling to pay your housing costs in New Jersey, you have options. Across the state, public housing and Section 8 rental programs are available to low income individuals and families ... Read More »

What Are Advantages of Low Income Housing Tax Credits for Housing Developers?

Many builders and housing developers take advantage of the Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) program. This program functions as an indirect federal subsidy for affordable housing. The LIHTC pr... Read More »

Does sick pay qualify as income for the earned income credit?

Sick pay does fall under earned income. The Internal Revenue Service allows two ways to make earned income: either someone you work for pays you or you work in your own business, so sick pay would ... Read More »

How do i qualify for section 8 housing?

IncomeContact your local Public Housing Administration (PHA) office to obtain the local median income for your area. Get your yearly gross income from your previous year's tax returns. Divide your ... Read More »