What do I need to produce high quality videos?

Answer In order to produce the highest quality video you need to start with a high quality camcorder. No video card, editing program, or editing skill can improve or significantly fix bad video.With that ... Read More »

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Poor quality to high quality videos?

Well, it depends. Video can be "cleaned up" somewhat (e.g. noise reduction, colour correction) and transferred between formats (e.g. VHS to DVD) but you can't -- as they say -- "make a silk purse o... Read More »

Where could you download high definition or high quality music videos for free esp in avi mp4 format?

LCD because plasma TVs get extremely hot very fast and can make the room feel like a furnace. And LCDs take a very long time to get hot

What is a high quality, but cheap, video camera for making youtube videos?

Step 1: Set a budget.Any camcorder will do if the lighting is *great* and a steadying device (not handheld) is used."a few hundred dollars" gets you into the range of entry-level consumer camcorder... Read More »

How do I download high-quality MP4 versions of YouTube videos?

Sign into your YouTube account. Click on your user name located in the upper-right corner of the YouTube window and then click on the "Account" option. Under the "My Account" heading, click on "Vid... Read More »