What do I need to make beats on my laptop?

Answer Fruity Loops, various VST plugins and a VST Cakewalk Adapter.Fruity Loops is the definitive Beat Making software for beginning beat makers. VST plugins are various instruments that you can use to m... Read More »

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Why does my beats audio laptop turn down my music?

Hi..I have not got a HP with beats Audio.....But sounds to me your beats audio has master volume control ...You could change this , and also may be worth turning of volume limitation .(If driver se... Read More »

Which headphones are better for bass beats pros or beats studios?

Whats the difference between 90s Hip hop beats and Mainstream hip hop beats?

Big difference. Back then, beats had really fat drums, funky bass, and maybe even some guitar in the background. Nowadays, nearly every beat sounds the same. Annoying 808 drum kits, sub bass that d... Read More »

What is the difference between monster beats and regular beats?

Monster beats are loud and scary. The thumping sounds like big heavy feet chasing after you. Regular beats are more like tappity tap tap tappin'!