What do I need to look for when buying a scanner for my computer?

Answer First is the resolution the scanner can support. The higher the resolution, the better qualities of the scanned images.Second is scanning speed. The speed should not compromise quality.Third is the... Read More »

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What do i need to look out for when buying a house with well water and a septic tank?

Firstly where is the septic tank situated in relation to the well?If the property is on a slope then the septic tank should ALWAYS be located down gradient from the well ie. the well shoulld be at ... Read More »

I have a scanner and i need to save the picture on my computer but when i try says i need to download sotfware?

Did you install the software and driver for your scanner? If you dont have the driver, you can download it from the scanner mfg website.

What sort of things do i need to take into account when buying a Graphics card for my computer?

Definitely check the warranty coverage, many makers have lifetime warranties.Make sure you have the correct slot (BUS type) for your motherboard. eg. PCI, AGP, PCI ExpressPCI Express slots are the ... Read More »

Just got a new hp computer and when i went to install my old scanner it says i need windows 95 or 98?

Go to the hp website, and update the driver for your scanner. I'll try to find it for you:Here you go:…Try to download that update, and see if it works.Mak... Read More »