What do I need to increase the speed of my pc , a processor , hard drive or a RAM ?

Answer all of the above

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Does storing digital data on a hard drive increase the overall weight of the hard drive?

there's no increase in weight at all the data that is stored is magnetic in some ways similar to an old cassette tape but on a disk so changing polarity of the magnetic medium on the disk doesn't i... Read More »

How do I increase processor speed?

According to Gamestop, overclocking your processor is one of the easiest ways to increase the speed of your processor and improve the performance of your computer. Overclocking refers to the proces... Read More »

How do I Easily Increase Processor Speed?

There are several ways you can increase the speed of a computer's central processing unit, or CPU, ranging from simple steps such as consolidating files on the hard drive to changing the clock spee... Read More »

Does adding more memory increase the processor speed in a PC?

Adding memory to a computer does not increase its processor speed. However, because the computer needs memory to store frequently accessed information while programs are running, adding memory can ... Read More »