What do I need to download to play "Boraka" an HD DVD on Ubuntu?

Answer It's possible, but cumbersome. Here is the official documentation from Ubuntu:…Depending on which studio produced your film, you'll have to deal with DRM ... Read More »

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How to Download the Things You Need to Play PS2 Video Games on the PS3?

Specific models of the PlayStation 3 can play games released for the older PlayStation 2 console. These compatible consoles, identified by the presence of four USB slots, can use the hard drive of ... Read More »

What kind of download allows you to download and play music with restrictions enforced about its use?

Look up free music downloads then go down till you find the picture of the earth with the full headset head phones on it. It's call free downloads. It's epic

How to Download an MP3 in Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a Linux-based, open-source operating system that is free to download and use. Ubuntu installs with several default applications. The Firefox web browser is an application that is installe... Read More »

How do i download google chrome on ubuntu?

Google Chrome for Linux Download select 32 bit .deb (For Debian/Ubuntu)…I have tried it and its horrible Firefox being far superior. If you want the latest... Read More »