What do I need to do in order to become a dentist?

Answer To become a dentist one needs obtain a bachelors degree. You will need to focus on classes that pre medical students take such as chemistry, biology, organics.You will also need to take an exam cal... Read More »

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How much more education does a dental hygienist need in order to become a dentist?

I am currently a registered dental hygienist. I completed an associate degree program. To be able to apply to dental school it is recommended that you have a bachelors degree and most schools requi... Read More »

What education or training do you need to become a dentist?

AnswerYou need a DDS (Doctorate of Dental Surgery) or DDM (Doctorate of Dental Medicine).Here's more background info from a career handbook published by the U.S. Department of Labor:All 50 States a... Read More »

What does one need to become a dentist in Canada?

According to the Canadian Dental Association, you must complete a program accredited by the Dental Association of Canada or the American Dental Association, obtain certification by passing an exam ... Read More »

What you need to know in order to become a paralegal secretary?

Paralegals or legal secretaries play an important role in law firms, government agencies and corporations. As a result, they are required to have a certain skills and formal training to carry out t... Read More »