What do I need to consider in choosing a new computer?

Answer If you do buy a new computer, I'd recommend a desktop -- you can add hardware later if needed. Use a laptop only if you intend to travel a lot or if you're cramped for space. Vista uses a lot of ... Read More »

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Choosing the Best CPU for Your Gaming Computer?

PC games rely on high-end graphics and tend to be resource hogs. As you shop for the right CPU, or central processing unit, for your gaming needs, it's important that you realize what type of CPUs ... Read More »

What should i consider when choosing power supply for computer?

1) Size and shape - will it fit in your case. Will the hole for the power cord to plug in be accessible.2) How many devices to you need to connect? Will you have enough cables?3) Wattage. The mo... Read More »

I need help choosing! Which one should I get!!!?

Sorry, the Kindle Paperwhite does not include a music feature, but it provides a variety of reading features. It is brighter than any other kindle products, and the resolution display is much high... Read More »

Help me with choosing?

Go for the M18x. It is a top class gaming laptop. Go for the best if you have money!