What do I need to buy for more memory on a computer?

Answer Random Access Memory can help improve the speed of your computer. RAM is used to store information before it is written to or read from a hard drive, according to It also allows m... Read More »

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I Need More Memory For My Computer?

You can get an external HDD with USB/SATA/1394 connections of 500GB for like 100-120USDor 1TB (1024GB) for like 150-180 USD

How Can I Restore More Memory to My Computer That Is Low on Memory?

Every computer program or process that is running on your computer requires and uses memory. Your computer has a limited amount of memory depending on what is installed. If you keep opening program... Read More »

What can I do to get more space/memory on my desktop computer?

buy a larger hard drive and install it as a secondary if not replace the old one OR clean your current one up with the disk cleaner program.

What would be a reason to add more memory to a computer?

Doesn't really speed your rig up until you start running apps that require more ram. More like putting more gas in your gas tank. If your apps only require 1.5 Gbs then you aren't going to run any ... Read More »