What do I need to burn DVDs on my computer?

Answer Burning videos and other to DVDs is a fairly simple process and can be done with the right hardware and software. There are a number of software and hardware options available for computer users w... Read More »

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What format do DVDs need to be to burn?

A recordable DVD is capable of recording any file format that can be written to any other mass storage medium. However, a video file to be played from a DVD on your set-top DVD player must be burne... Read More »

What type of disc do I need to burn DVDs?

A DVD-R is the most common type of recordable DVD. It can be recognized by an estimated 90 percent of home DVD players. In addition to being the most recognizable recordable DVD format, the DVD-R i... Read More »

What Type of DVDs Do I Need to Burn Slideshows?

Modern computers make it increasingly simple to create digital slideshows of your favorite memories. DVD slideshow software is available from many companies, as well as being built into the latest ... Read More »

How do I burn DVDs on a computer?

How to Burn DVDsYou can burn a DVD in Windows 7 with the operating system's included software by inserting a blank DVD writable disc in to the disc drive, opening Windows Explorer and double-clicki... Read More »