What do I need to build a vocal booth?

Answer Many musicians and sound engineers prefer the simplicity of a home studio. However, neighbors and noise complaints often make recording music at home a difficult tightrope act to balance. Building ... Read More »

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How to Create a Vocal Booth?

A vocal booth is a necessity in every studio because It is the place where the writing becomes real. A vocal booth is heavily insulated, and arranged so the acoustics are good. If you are wanting t... Read More »

Vocal Booth Materials?

Vocal booth isolation methods can vary depending on the size of the room and the materials used to build the floors, walls and ceiling. Cellulose insulation is a great insulator for hollow walls, ... Read More »

How to Make a Soundproof Vocal Booth?

Vocal recording can be a tricky business if the environment where the audio capture takes place is loud or has an inherent background hum or other noise sources. When adding vocal tracks, doing voi... Read More »

How to Build a Carnival Booth?

Whether you are planning to set up a carnival booth for fun activities, games or to promote a product, it's the way you construct and design your booth that sets the booth apart and attracts more c... Read More »