What do I need to become a lawyer?

Answer Becoming a lawyer involves going to law school--which is an institution that specializes in legal education--and getting a juris doctorate (J.D.) degree, which is the primary law degree offered in ... Read More »

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What do you need to become a lawyer?

Lawyers counsel corporate and private clients in legal proceedings and may represent clients in trials. Lawyers must complete seven years of education beyond high school before becoming licensed to... Read More »

What degrees do I need to become a lawyer?

There are only two degrees a person needs in order become a lawyer. You will need a bachelor's degree, which can be in any subject, but usually in economics, business or political science. Then, yo... Read More »

What do I need to major in to become a lawyer?

Many accredited colleges and universities offer pre-law as an undergraduate degree program. But for students planning to attend law school, there are other options for undergraduate studies. Law s... Read More »

What gcse do you need to become a lawyer?

General Certificates of Secondary Education (GCSEs) are taken primarily by students in England, Wales and Ireland and are the American equivalent of reading, writing and math exams. There are no sp... Read More »