What do I need to access the Internet on a laptop?

Answer Laptop computers can go with you anywhere, but getting them hooked up to the Internet is slightly harder. It requires a communication device, Internet service and a knowledge of how to use both.Typ... Read More »

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Do I need a separate ISP to access the Internet via the laptop WiFi?

You do not need a separate Internet Service Provider, or ISP, to access the Internet using your laptop's wifi connection. In some cases, you may need a password or code to access a particular wirel... Read More »

Is there wireless access in the library so that I could access the Internet on my laptop?

Yes. Wireless computing is available throughout the College at both the New Westminster and David Lam campuses. The login process is the same as accessing a desktop computer: your username is th... Read More »

Laptop and internet access?

Just buy a dongle, which plugs into your laptop. In the UK, there are several available. I have one from Three Network. It gives me 5 gigs a month for £15. Dongles are either free, or there is a n... Read More »

How do I access the Internet on a laptop computer?

Turn on the computer. Go to a location where Internet service is available. This can be a home or a business with Wi-Fi or even a hotel that has a physical network connection. Connect to the networ... Read More »