What do I need for navy boot camp?

Answer The first step in your U.S. Navy career is to pass through the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS), from which you will move on to boot camp. The Navy's website gives a complete list of ite... Read More »

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What is the duration of the U.S. Navy boot camp?

The duration of U.S. Navy Boot Camp is about eight weeks. The first week is dubbed "P-Days" for medical, dental and administration processing. It can run longer because of weekends and holidays. Ne... Read More »

What to bring to Navy boot camp for women?

Whatever you want, but when you arrive, everything you brought with you will be sent back home. The Navy will provide you with what you need to complete boot camp. From a Navy Drill Instructor, yo... Read More »

What should you bring to navy boot camp?

Toiletries (deoderant, razors, liquid soap, etc). They will issue you everything else, for a cost of course. All issued uniforms and items will be deducted from your pay.They will give you a list o... Read More »

What if i don't take the 1199A to Navy boot camp?

At worst you won't get paid on time, but you'll eventually get paid. SF 1199A (the military version of the Direct Deposit form), like all DD forms, is required for military members and Civil Servic... Read More »