What do I need for an HD-ready tv?

Answer When you buy a high definition (HD) TV, which has twice the resolution as a standard television set, your initial setup requires preparation.Free ProgrammingLocal television stations often provide ... Read More »

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What Do I Need to Know and Ask When Buying an HD-Ready Television?

Buying an HD-ready television does not need to be a daunting task that requires an abundance of technological knowledge. If you arm yourself with certain facts, check consumer reports, and exhibit... Read More »

HD ready TV, do you need it?

people continuously ger hd and digital must have a digital tv - or a digibox connected to your tv -to be able to recieve any television stations after the switchover.Hd tv is for watch... Read More »

Does an HD-ready TV need an analog converter?

The HD-ready TV with a digital tuner does not require the use of a digital to analog converter box. The digital to analog converter box is for analog TVs with no digital Frequ... Read More »

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