What do I need for a mortgage?

Answer When applying for a mortgage, a borrower must provide a lender with his application, two months of bank statements, two months of pay stubs and two years of tax returns. Additional documentation ma... Read More »

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What Do You Need to Get a Mortgage in Ontario?

Purchasing a home is often one of the biggest events in your life and one of the most aggravating. To ensure that your mortgage application goes smoothly, have all of the items you'll need well in ... Read More »

Why do you need mortgage insurance?

Banks and mortgage companies take risks when lending money to home buyers. To protect themselves from losing money if the borrowers do not make mortgage payments, some mortgage companies require bo... Read More »

What Do Mortgage Companies Charge When a Home Mortgage Is Paid Off?

Selling or refinancing a home usually involves paying off an existing mortgage. In calculating a payoff, which will satisfy and zero out the balance, all unpaid fees and interest must be included, ... Read More »

Do I need a lawyer to refinance my mortgage?

In most cases, a lawyer is not needed when it comes to refinancing a mortgage loan. The reason for this is because the procedures are straightforward if you choose a refinance package.References:Ne... Read More »