What do I need for a home loan?

Answer To purchase a home loan, or mortgage, a borrower needs to fill out a mortgage loan application with a lender and meet their requirements. Documentation will vary based upon the loan type chosen.Sig... Read More »

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What documentation will i need for a home loan?

A bank's primary concern in considering you for a home loan is your ability to repay. Before giving you a loan, the bank requires documents that prove your income and assets. These documents let th... Read More »

What credit score do you need for a home loan?

The credit score requirement for a mortgage varies based upon the mortgage type. Government loans, such as VA, USDA and FHA loans have lower credit score requirements than conventional mortgages.Si... Read More »

What credit score do you need to get a home equity loan?

On One Hand: Above 720 is BestA borrower's interest rate on a home equity loan, or any type of mortgage, is determined by a number of factors. However, the largest single factor is a borrower's cre... Read More »

How many home appraisals do you need for a coventional refinance loan?

You need only one appraisal for a conventional refinance loan. Appraisers are licensed professionals, so only one is needed. However, the lender may want to choose the appraiser or approve your app... Read More »