What do I need for a good gaming computer?

Answer Ok, as a person that recently got a gaming computer for only 600, I think I can help you.You will need...4 GB of ram.a quad-core CPU.a very good CPU Cooling system.a gtx 450 graphics card or higher... Read More »

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I need to know is my computer is good for gaming or not?

It's ok but it all depends on what kind of games you are playing. Your graphics card would be ok with 250mb but what does it connect to... ei. PCI, AGP or PCI express. Also what's the clockspeed ... Read More »

I need a good gaming computer for recoreding any ideas?

What do you think of BIOSTAR A780L3B for gaming I need a computer just to get me over for gaming. Details bel?

I need a new gaming computer. What should I get?

You can actually build a PC of your own for around the £400 mark that will run all , if not most of the latest games on high. But if you're not looking to build your own then you're probably going... Read More »