What do I need for a good car audio system?

Answer Selecting a good audio system for your vehicle is as important as you want it to be. Big box stores and audio stores have an extensive line of merchandise designed to give you the best in quality. ... Read More »

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Is the nexis audio L-7 home theater system a good sound system?

No its not; its way over priced, for what you get, cheap speakers and sub; not worth buying...and it will not work in a car....

Rigging a homemade audio PA system for budget wedding what do I need is this possible?

I would leave the guitar stuff out of it. You can connect the output of the mixer to AUX inputs on the receivers. You might need adapters, XLR to RCA or 1/4" to RCA depending on what outputs are ... Read More »

I want to build a custom home theater system using car audio. What do i need?

Everyone here has been giving you mean answers, so I figure instead of telling you what you should do instead, I'm going to tell you how to actually do this. It is possible, and of course a real h... Read More »

I need a really good digital audio recorder for a concert!?

im going to the chicago show! im so excited!!