What do I have to do to become a sonographer?

Answer Diagnostic medical sonographers are medical professionals who operate equipment that uses sound waves to take photographs of bodily organs. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that through... Read More »

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What does a sonographer do?

A sonographer uses an ultrasound machine and interprets the images. The most common job for a sonographer is when a baby is examined while still inside the womb. Duties of a sonographer include exp... Read More »

Duties of a Sonographer?

Sonographers, also known as ultrasound technologists, operate imaging equipment that sends high-frequency sound waves into body tissue to produce pictures and or videos that can be used to diagnose... Read More »

What is the salary of a sonographer?

According to The PayScaleReport, salary depends on the employer. As of January 2010, those working for hospitals earn $40,491 to $60,310; those in the federal government make $44,353 to $62,505; an... Read More »

How much does a sonographer get paid?

A sonographer's salary depends on his work experience, according to The PayScaleReport. As of January 2010, those with one to four years of experience are paid $20.40 to $27.04 per hour; those with... Read More »