What do I have to bring to boot camp?

Answer New recruits who have enlisted in the military may wonder what to bring to boot camp. According to Sergeant Cooper of the Garland Army recruitment center, there are some items the Army requests yo... Read More »

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What do you bring with you to marine boot camp?

You bring yourself. What I mean is - they( the drill instructors) take everything you own and put it in a paper bag. You get the bag back after you graduate. When I went through they told us that y... Read More »

What should you bring to navy boot camp?

Toiletries (deoderant, razors, liquid soap, etc). They will issue you everything else, for a cost of course. All issued uniforms and items will be deducted from your pay.They will give you a list o... Read More »

What to bring to Navy boot camp for women?

Whatever you want, but when you arrive, everything you brought with you will be sent back home. The Navy will provide you with what you need to complete boot camp. From a Navy Drill Instructor, yo... Read More »

What Is Boot Camp?

There are numerous group exercise classes for you to choose from if you want to work out. If you like high-intensity exercise and want to be motivated and pushed hard, choose a boot camp class. Boo... Read More »